Arts and Gardens presents a new opera inspired by Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant; the story of children banned from playing in a beautiful garden owned by a giant, only for him to find it becomes a permanent winter without their presence.

Sung from the canopies of trees.

With new music by Hannah Conway and 11 year old Alma Deutscher, GIANT is being developed with Mahogany Opera Group, with climbing logistics from The Great Big Tree Climbing Company.

20-minute work-in-progress performances took place during a research and development process in October 2016 at Alexandra Palace Park, directed by Peter Cant, with sound design by Finn McNicholas.

The next stage is to develop GIANT into an hour-long opera performance, sung by a large cast of 8-12 year old children, alongside professional singers, from the low and high branches of mature plane and oak trees.

This is their chance to explore arboriculture, through music.

You can help us realise the full performance project, involving many more children across England, by visiting our supporters page or getting in touch

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Arts and Gardens is supported by PRS for Music Foundation.


Special thanks to neuronhub for filming GIANT’s R & D.