Travel into Epping Forest for an extraordinary theatrical concert, as oak trees are transformed and branches become the stage for a performance unlike any other.

Sung from the canopies of mature trees, GIANT is the first in a series of ‘climbing concerts’; devised by Arts and Gardens to connect children and young people with arboriculture.

Witness a chorus of children, guest soloists and the London Forest Choir singing to the grand giants of the forest, as we premiere new poetry specially written by Robert Macfarlane, with music by Oliver Weeks, alongside works by Epping Forest poet John Clare, and Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant; the story of children banned from playing in a beautiful garden owned by a giant. Without their presence, endless winter befalls the gardens – will it ever bloom again?

As part of the project, children aged 8+ and adults will be invited to experience what it’s like to be the cast of GIANT and sing from the canopy at a series of climbing workshop days in September.

Reservations for GIANT climbing concerts and public workshops will be announced April 2019.

Ambitious, touching, mesmerizing, challenging.  About time we have excellent work that’s produced just for children.  – Ian Read, Hull Culture Capital

I learnt the name of the trees that we climbed and to trust the tree. – Samuella, singer, 9 years old

The most obscure thing I have seen all year; the children are brilliant. – William, audience

Commissioned for Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019


Arts and Gardens is supported by PRS for Music Foundation.


Special thanks to neuronhub for filming GIANT’s R & D.